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Proof-Based Scanning: No Noise, Just Facts

If a web vulnerability can be exploited, it cannot be a false positive.

This is the guiding principle behind the Invicti Proof-Based Scanning.
Automated and detailed proof of exploitability enables organizations to avoid manually verifying scan results and take control of their web application security at scale.


Dig into the comprehensive feature guide and learn:

●Why Proof-Based Scanning was created

●How 1000’s of organizations use it to streamline vulnerability prioritization and remediation

●How Invicti eliminates the false positives that come standard with other solutions

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Generational Shifts in Marketing Preferences

Exploring the emerging trends in marketing preferences by generation

Over the past decade, advertisers have adapted to the boom of technology and the introduction of various new marketing channels and tactics. From a marketer’s perspective, effectively communicating with shoppers has never been more challenging, given that each generation’s buying habits vary significantly.

We surveyed consumers of all ages to find out which marketing tactics and channels resonate with each generation to help you streamline your advertising efforts and tailor your strategy to your target audience.

Highlights of this survey report include:

  • 96% of consumers feel loyal to a brand, and 84% engage with advertising from brands they are loyal to.
  • Email is the No. 1 channel for all generations except Gen Z, which prefers social media.
  • 81% of all consumers want to receive personalized communications from brands they buy from.
  • The industry consumers want personalization from the most is Food & Beverage



Solving Security Skills Shortage with Policy-Driven Automation

Security teams are challenged to meet rising security challenges with fewer resources.

By automating their security policies, security teams can:

  • Implement policy changes in minutes instead of days
  • Tighten security controls consistently across their organization
  • Quickly adapt to changing regulatory compliance requirements
  • Reduce the complexity associated with managing security and connectivity across hybrid environments

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As organizations increasingly rely on third parties, their ecosystems become larger and more vulnerable to third-party cyber risk.

Luckily, there are steps you can take in order to protect your organization from these threats, and ensuring you have a solid TPCRM strategy in place is an imperative first step.

In this guide you will learn:
1. Why having an effective and efficient Third-Party Cyber Risk Management (TPCRM) program matters
2. What you need to know to create an effective program
3. How to optimize your current program



Digital Quality Management System; The Internal Business Case

Why a quality management system?

When purchasing a quality management system, it is important to understand why the organisation needs such a system.

Most health and welfare institutions have designed processes to guarantee and improve quality and safety. However, in many organisations responsibility is divided between different parts ofthe organisation; between different departments; between different staff members.

When responsibility is divided between different parts of the organisation, the organisation has an insufficient clear view of where the risks lie. A digital quality management system provides the tools to identify the risks within the institution and to address them in a holistic manner.

Activities are managed centrally, so the organisation knows what actions are taken, when, and by whom.

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Blueprints for Quality and Safety Reporting Forms

Collecting data for your healthcare organization’s quality and risk management programs isn’t just necessary for patient safety and compliance—it’s also the right thing to do to foster the delivery of better care by using staff input. There are many ways to collect the information that’s vital for quality improvement and risk management. Incident reports, complaints/compliments forms, and satisfaction surveys are just a few of the data collection tools that have proven successful in healthcare organizations of all types and sizes.

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Third-Party Cyber Risk Management for Dummies

The traditional way of approaching third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) is outdated and full of inefficiencies and missed opportunities that leave organizations vulnerable to cyber risk.

But that doesn’t have to be the case.

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to third-party cyber risk management (TPCRM) don't work
  • How to communicate and collaborate with internal stakeholders to achieve TPCRM success
  • What is needed to have a successful (and effective) TPCRM program

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Cover Your APIs: Securing Your Hidden Web Attack Surface

Modern web applications rely heavily on APIs, yet they’re a blind spot for many organizations. If you don’t know what might be lurking beyond your asset inventory, implementing API scanning can help secure your hidden attack surface.

Read this white paper to learn:

  • How today’s web applications incorporate APIs
  • How APIs have created an expanding – and often unseen – attack surface
  • How to build threat resistance through holistic security that includes APIs in scanning

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Invicti AppSec Indicator: Worrisome Vulnerability Trends in the Race to Innovation

There’s no sugarcoating it: severe vulnerabilities simply aren’t getting any scarcer. In the Spring 2022 edition of the Invicti AppSec Indicator, we’re digging into a huge data set from more than 900 global Invicti customers for a holistic look at these vulnerability trends, and what organizations need to do to improve their security posture.

Read the report to learn more about:

  • The alarming trends that we’re seeing ebb and flow
  • Which flaws are on the uptick and why that might be
  • How to solve issues that lead to poor security posture

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Webinar: Join the (Re)evolution of Security

Security has made a name for itself as “important” and “a priority” for businesses,
but is it being implemented? Are you ready to be part of the security conversation
and know the right questions to ask?

As security and business success become synonymous – we’re wanted to bring together
a leadership panel from across industry and the business to talk about how to:

  • How to enable teams and ensure security decisions are helping accelerate the business, not creating a bottleneck
  • Who is/should be responsible for the security of the business
  • How to be prepared to have data-driven educated conversations around security for your unique threat landscape
  • Sound smart in a conversation about security Identify the right priorities and direction for your organization
  • Convey the security needs of the business to those that might not be well versed in security



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