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Accounting (42)

Make Client Accounting Services A Win-Win

Today, it’s more important than ever for small business owners to focus their attention on sustaining and growing their businesses. For most SMB owners, managing accounting functions is simply a distraction from what they need and love to do. And few small businesses use accounting tools proactively to better manage their business finances.

And you know well the consequences for you and your clients. You spend a significant amount of your time fixing the bookkeeping errors that clients make, and perhaps more alarmingly, your clients using DIY (Do-It-Yourself) accounting systems limits your ability to provide them with timely strategic insights based on their financial situation. In these challenging times, your clients need the very best advice you can provide, but their choice of software can limit your ability to do so.

In short, the current situation creates pain for both you and your clients.
In this ebook, we’ll examine:

  • why DIY accounting systems created for small businesses cause undue pain for both small business owners and for accountants
  • how Client Accounting Services can not only eliminate that pain, but also open up new opportunities for accountants to better serve their clients
  • eight features to look for in a professional accounting system to ensure CAS success

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20 Tips to Turbocharge Your Payroll Practice

20 Payroll Tips 3Traditionally, payroll has been considered a low-margin service. But the reality is that many accountants are making more money per hourof their time with payroll services than their peers are making from tax, accounting, or audit.

What’s their secret? In this ebook, we’ll present a series of additional tips for elevating your elevating your payroll practice.

Let’s get started! 

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Modern Expense Tracking

DivvyGuide ModernExpenseTracking Page 01Expense tracking that informs business strategy

Your business needs expense tracking if you ever wish to meet your financial goals. Your business expenses are the key to understanding what it takes to run your business and maintain profitability.

You need to manage and track your business expenses in order to:

1. Keep the lights on—literally and figuratively

2. Establish a healthy business credit score

3. Determine profits after revenue

Tracking your business expenses is so much more than just making sure you can cover your accounts payable or finding receipts when tax season arrives.

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The Paperless Playbook Lose the Paper

Dext Paperless PlaybookFor centuries, accounting has revolved around paper.For centuries, accounting has revolved around paper.Paper receipts, paper invoices, and paper ledgers torecord it all. But in the digital world, we now live in,there’s an increasing benefit to ditching the paperworkand becoming a fully digital accounting firm.

So how do you make the switch to paperless?


Webinar - A modern approach to budgeting and forecasting

Event Date & Time: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 at 2:00pm EST

  • Build budgets in a familiar spreadsheet-like environment that's cloud-based, controlled and highly collaborative 
  • Achieve granular budgets that leverage sales and other datasets and are genuinely based on the real results of your business  
  • Reuse these budgets for continuous planning — revise, restate and remodel your position with confidence and ease
  • Ultimately, be a company that makes informed decisions and changes direction while eliminating wasted time building, handling, and modeling with spreadsheets



Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting

Your budgets and forecasts can be much more meaningful and easier to update with a new approach. Accurate budgets and forecasts set the foundation for confident decision making, which leads to profitability. Visit this page to learn more about the Phocas Budgeting and Forecasting solution and discover an agile, efficient and streamlined way to budget and forecast.


Start your path to becoming an Enlightened Accountant. Enjoy this FREE e-book from Becker CPE

Becker logo

Becker Enlightened Accountant

For more than 60 years, Becker has been the partner accountants trust to help them keep current with the latest industry content. Our vast catalog of CPE courses not only helps you meet your credit requirements, but also expands your expertise in ways that translate what you learn into the work you do every day.

These days we are all experiencing a lot of change and challenging assumptions about work and careers. Please enjoy our free e-book The Enlightened Accountant: Your guide to navigating career change. Enlightened Accountants look beyond the numbers to assess, anticipate, and analyze what comes next. Finding success means deciding how you’ll engage with the tools and opportunities you come across.

As you read through it, think about –

  • What obstacles await you on your journey?
  • How will you adapt your skills to a digital market?
  • Where will your search lead you?

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Staying on top of all the latest industry trends and pursue your professional goals with Becker CPE. Top reasons to go with Becker CPE:

  • Detailed, in-depth content on the latest topics and updates
  • Real-life application from instructors with decades of real-world experience
  • Maximum flexibility with both webcasts and on demand courses to fit your schedule
  • The trusted partner of accounting professionals


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TAX SOFTWARE RED FLAGS: How to identify them and what to do next

How do you know when your firm needs to reevaluate its tax preparation software?

What red flags silently wave that are often overlooked (or are simply ignored)? Are you hoping that you’ll just know when it’s the right time to take the leap and invest in new technology that will help you better serve your clients?

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How to Start an Advisory Business in an Economic Downturn

In times of economic uncertainty, clients crave certainty wherever it can be found – and clarityIn times of economic uncertainty, clients crave certainty wherever it can be found – and clarityin the absence of certainty. This is the time for your value to be re-established: not simply as theone who can do the rearview tasks that are required, but as the one who can help look forward tomaking the right decisions for the future of that business.

Whether you want to start an accounting advisory practice, or fine-tune your current advisoryWhether you want to start an accounting advisory practice, or fine-tune your current advisoryoffering, this is the definitive guide to help you make the shift into an advisory-centric approach tobecome the true trusted advisor your clients are seeking more than ever before. These guidelineswill help you launch your advisory practice whether you’re working from home or from a brick-and-mortar office.

You will learn:

  1. What accounting advisory is.
  2. The difference between consulting and an advisory service offering.
  3. Why you should offer accounting advisory services.
  4. How to tell if your CPA advisory work is at the core of your client relationships.
  5. How to start your advisory service practice.
  6. How to price your accounting advisory services.
  7. How to approach new clients with your advisory offering.
  8. How to transition existing clients into advisory-centric engagements.

7 Actions Businesses Need to Take Now - Your Playbook as the Economy Reopens

wp 7 actions businesses need to take now Page 01

We’ve prepared a playbook to aid business leaders in taking decisive action and optimally positioning their organizations.

While no list can be comprehensive, NetSuite’s Brainyard research team has aggregated the questions being asked and steps being taken by the best run and most agile organizations. Grab a seat and enjoy.

Read Time: 7 minutes

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7 Actions Businesses Need to Take Now We break down the actions into the following areas:

  1. Business Model Assessment
  2. Financial Check
  3. Health/Safety/Legal
  4. Scenario Planning
  5. Customer Retention & Acquisition
  6. Packaging/Pricing/Payments
  7. Organizational Alignment

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